Washing Linen Sheets

Washing Linen Sheets

Le Lux Linen bedding is designed for a relaxed casual look and does not require ironing.  To keep your linen looking wonderful we recommend the following:

1. Do not bleach whites and colours as the bleach can weaken the fibre. 

2. A pre soak (diluted in water) for 20 minutes every 3rd or 4th wash will bring whites back to their original brightness.

3. For spot removal, try using your manufacturers product on a hidden area to make sure it is not harmful.

4. Machine wash, using a mild detergent in lukewarm or cold water.  Do not wash in very hot water as the heat will weaken the linen fibres. Always rinse your linen to remove any detergent residue.

5. Softener can be added to the wash cycle if preferred.  However, over a long period of time softener can build up in the fibres.

6. Do not overload the washing machine.  Linen washes best when it can agitate freely in plenty of water.

7. Le Lux Linen is designed to be relaxed and casual but to minimise the natural gentle wrinkling properties, you should hang the bedding on the line and dry naturally.  Linen can be tumble dried on a low temperature or a wrinkle release setting and removed from the dryer as promptly as possible.

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